Category: The music scene

  • A & E – Arts and Expression

    I’m not a fan of that word ‘entertainment’. It always seems as if that word implies that people are boring creatures that need to constantly stimulated visually or otherwise they lose interest and wither away. So people need to be entertained and stimulated by the TV, the radio, the cinema screen and by artists. I […]

  • An Obituary – The Death of Modern Western Pop Music

    It is with deep regret that I wish to inform you all of the untimely (but blatantly obvious) death of modern Western pop music. Sadly, ‘Pop’ as it was fondly called was ailing for sometime, and no one seemed to notice when it finally bellied up. ‘Pop music’ was renowned for bringing us many great […]

  • A letter to the late Scott Weiland

    Dear Mr. Weiland, I am gutted to hear about your passing, it was untimely, it was so sad but to many it was not a shock. To me it was a shock. To me your sudden passing brings back all my memories of covering your songs in my band in Trinidad – Brothers Grimm back […]